Annual Statistics

As of December 2015

   Clinic Visits : 18,980

Donated Physician Services: $117,240

Donated Laboratory Services: $278,578

Prescription Medication:   

     31,099 dispensed valued at $6,739,487

Specialist Referrals:   136


Rosa Clark Medical Clinic


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Rosa Clark came to Oconee County in 1941 as a midwife.  During WWII, there were no local doctors located above Walhalla, so she took it upon herself to help those in need. 

She delivered over 1000 babies in a 23 year period.  She retired in 1964 and passed away in 1974. 

In 1982, Rosa Clark Medical Clinic was established in honor of the local heroine to help those in need who are unable to turn anywhere else for medical care.